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Expert Instruction for Intuitive Swimming

Our highly qualified, passionate, and dynamic swim instructors come to you, providing private and semi-private instruction in your own pool.

We work with all ages, from infants to seniors, and with swimmers of all ability levels. Our instructors have experience with fearful non-swimmers, young competitors, and nearly everyone in between. 

Now offering video analysis for remote learning!

Lessons for Everyone

Private and Semi-Private Lessons for Kids

Lessons are tailored to the needs and interests of the individual child.

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Video Analysis

Get a video analysis of your swimming or that of your child. Take a quick video on your phone, and we'll send it back to you with voiceover feedback and recommendations on what to do next. 

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Private and Semi-Private Lessons for Adults

Whether you're afraid to put your face in the water or you're training for a triathlon, we'll help you learn to make the water work for you.

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Lessons for Infants

Swimming well is all about one's relationship with the water. We can help build this relationship and begin shaping good water habits with your infant from the age of four months.

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