Our Philosophy

Traditional swim lessons start on day one with "swim technique," glossing over any understanding of how swimming actually works. This creates poor habits and limits future potential.

In contrast, we help swimmers develop a relationship with the water. Swimmers will learn both cognitively and physically how the water works and how they use it to their advantage. In this way, we develop swimming that is safer, more natural, and more enjoyable.

Everyone can learn to love swimming.






Elan is a former competitive swimmer. She has been teaching swim lessons and coaching young competitors since 2011. Elan has developed swim curricula for major swim schools and has conducted swim instruction training sessions for New York State and New York City educators.

"Teaching someone to swim is a special experience. That moment when the swimmer is really proud of themselves--that's my favorite!"

Angel has been teaching swimming since 2011. He loves to show his fun side, and often goes by "Mr. Fox," after his favorite swim lesson game. Angel has worked within several NYC programs, including in a supervisory capacity. He loves making people laugh. Angel is bilingual and also teaches swim lessons in Spanish.

"Swimming found me, and now I get to bring it to others."